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Lords of Shadow Ships One Million Units!
It was just a matter of time - on 22nd November Konami announced that Castlevania: Lords of Shadow shipped one million units in USA and Europe! Congratulations Konami and MercurySteam! Below you'll find fragment of press release concerning this occasion:

"Castlevania has truly reinvented itself with its move to next gen platforms and we're extremely pleased at the positive response we've seen toward Castlevania: Lords of Shadow globally, mainly due to the dedicated fans who have supported the series for so long," said Shinji Hirano, President of Konami Digital Entertainment, Inc. "The remarkable sales achieved in such a short time are a true testament of the work and dedication that went into this project, and we're very grateful to have partnered with such fine talent in the rebirth of one of Konami Digital Entertainment, Inc.'s most successful franchises."

The game is scheduled to be released in Japan this December, with exclusive Japanese dubbing.

24.11.2010, 00:23 (CET) by Nox_A15 in From the world

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Castlevania - The Concert TOUR!
Castlevania - The Concert
Castlevania - The Concert

Long time no see. :) Sorry for so long absence.

One week ago, David Westerlund - producer of Castlevania - The Concert, sent the message to the Castlevania fans on Facebook:

Dear fans of Castlevania music,
we have some very exciting news. The time has come to resurrect Count Dracula for the Castlevania - The Concert TOUR! ( Finally Castlevania fans around the world can unite and experience some of the greatest videogame music live in concert!

Now to make sure that we get to all your locations, we need your help. Yes you, the true Castlevania fans, who have supported us this far, you have the power! If you want the Castlevania Concert to come to your town, here's what you need to do:

* Send an email to your local concerthall and request that they book Castlevania - The Concert Tour. Keep in mind that the venue needs to have their own symphony orchestra and a grand organ. Send them this link:, so they can contact us. Also be sure to send us the information regarding what concerthall you’ve contacted, because if we come there, you and your friends will receive free tickets and exclusive backstage passes to the concert as thanks for your help!

* You can also suggest suitable locations to us directly. You can email us through the Website or just PM me right here on facebook.

This truly is the first videogame tour made exclusively by fans for fans.

We look forward to paying you a visit...
/ Dracula

As you can see - if during February you weren't able to be with us at Castlevania - The Concert, make sure to help in finding suitable places for its world tour!

If you want to read our report from the event and see some photos, you'll find them here.

21.11.2010, 23:58 (CET) by Nox_A15 in From the world

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The Castlevania Retrospective - Part V
And here it is! The fifth and last one part of The Castlevania Retrospective by Just remember there are a lot of spoilers there, so it's mostly for fans' amusement. Enjoy!

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Happy Halloween!

31.10.2010, 12:28 (CET) by Nox_A15 in Updates

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Lords of Shadow - Patch 1.01 and Recent Info
Since 27.10.2010 the patch removing corrupted save data problem in Castlevania: Lords of Shadow is available on PlayStation Network. Those 16 MB for sure will make lives of many fans a lot easier. Unfortunately, the users of Xbox 360 will need to wait a few days longer.

Other recent info about Lords of Shadow:

Finally, I'm sorry about so long waiting for materials about the game on CastleKeeper. We finished Lords of Shadow some time ago, but review and guide need some final touches. Stay tuned!

29.10.2010, 15:15 (CET) by Nox_A15 in From the world

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The Castlevania Retrospective - Part III and IV have published recently next parts of The Castlevania Retrospective. You can watch them below, enjoy!

27.10.2010, 01:56 (CET) by Nox_A15 in From the world

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Lords of Shadow Sequel is on it's Way!
It probably isn't surprising at all after such successful start, but Castlevania: Lords of Shadow will have a sequel! As we can read at Kotaku - Oscar Araujo, who composed the game's soundtrack, said in Spanish radio: "If you liked the first [game], hope that the second is even more spectacular". There are two DLC's coming in the near future thought, so I don't expect any official previews any time soon.

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Problems with Lords of Shadow
Even such great titles like released last week Castlevania: Lords of Shadow may have bugs. Unfortunately, this time it's quite important one - it can delete all your progress in the game! You'll find details here. Until MercurySteam won't make some patch for this problem better remember to backup your save file quite often.

There are also problems with official release date, at least in Poland. Many shops can't get their copies of the game and probably won't be able to until after 20th October. Do you also have problems with buying Lords of Shadow in your country? Let us know in the comments below.

12.10.2010, 00:43 (CET) by Nox_A15 in From the world

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The Castlevania Retrospective - Part II published today the next part of interesting "The Castlevania Retrospective" series. You can watch it below. Enjoy!

11.10.2010, 18:17 (CET) by Nox_A15 in From the world

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Eleven Minutes of Gameplay Narrated by Jason Isaacs
Eleven minutes long video with Castlevania: Lords of Shadow gameplay, narrated by Jason Isaacs himself, was published on 27th September but yesterday I finally uploaded it on CastleKeeper's YouTube Channel. Sorry for that delay and please enjoy the video:

Don't you think it's inspired by old Super Castlevania IV commercial? It's also first official material about LoS in which we hear about Vampire Killer and "one particular prince of darkness".

07.10.2010, 01:56 (CET) by Nox_A15 in Updates

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