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Just a Little Much Longer...

Hang on Gabriel! Release date is coming!

If you too await the beginning of October and Castlevania: Lords of Shadow release, then I have for you some older and newer materials about the game to make this task a little bit easier. ;)

Correction (12.09.2010, 14:30 CET):
Information about the game "Going Gold" have been deduced from this answer on Dave Cox's Twitter (please read the question to understand the context). It seems this info may not be accurate - Dave Cox stated on September 10th that "Castlevania - Lords of Shadow has gone GOLD! :)".

02.09.2010, 00:57 (CET) by Nox_A15 in From the world

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Official Gameplay from Lords of Shadow!
Below you can watch official gameplay from Castlevania: Lords of Shadow, with Dave Cox's commentary. Until a release of the demo version of the game we probably won't have any better material showing us how core game mechanics work. Enjoy!

29.08.2010, 23:40 (CET) by Nox_A15 in From the world

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New Screenshots
New screenshots from

18.08.2010, 19:19 (CET) by Gaido in From the world

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Lords of Shadow on Konami's Press Conference!
Thanks to Kotaku's live report from Konami's Gamescom Press Conference we have now pure information we were waiting for about Castlevania: Lords of Shadow:

  • Official release date in Europe - 7th October
  • Collector's Edition of the game will include God Mask replica!
  • Quote - "two huge DLC packs" with new levels, enemies and content. They'll hit "shortly after release" and continue the story directly from the end of the game
  • As we wrote before - Kojima Productions is currently working on Japanese voice-over for the game

18.08.2010, 14:42 (CET) by Nox_A15 in From the world

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New Screenshots and Renders

Castlevania: Lords of Shadow

I somehow overlooked that information, but published a few days ago many beautiful new screenshots and renders from Castlevania: Lords of Shadow - you'll find them here. I'm sorry for a delay and please enjoy the new graphics!

And don't forget that Gamescom in Cologne, Germany is already up and running. Dave Cox wrote on his Twitter - "Today we will make some cool announcements!! Hurrah :)". That says everything. :)

18.08.2010, 11:59 (CET) by Nox_A15 in From the world

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Voices of Lords of Shadow
We have good news for fans of original voices from Metal Gear Solid. Like we can read on Gamespot, Japanese will get their own version of Castlevania: Lords of Shadow, where they'll be able to hear familiar voices from MGS franchise.

Characters from Castlevania will be impersonated by Akio Otsuka (Solid Snake, Batou from Ghost in the Shell, Ansem from Kingdom Hearts, Gabranth from Final Fantasy XII and many more...), Fujiwara Keiji (Sigint and Drebin from MGS, Axel from Kingdom Hearts...), Yumi Kikuchi and Tomokazu Sukita, and probably a few more. Charge of Japanese version have been taken by creator and producer of MGS - Hideo Kojima. Well, this is a good way to make a few new Castlevania players in Japan, but English voice actors are famous professionals as well. We'll hear Robert Carlyle (Trainspotting) in the role of Gabriel Belmont, Natascha McElhone (Thruman Show) as his wife Marie, and Patrick Stewart (Star Trek) as Belmont's mentor.

16.08.2010, 22:51 (CET) by Gaido in From the world

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Waiting for Gamescom
Once again sorry for lack of updates for so long. We're currently working on some major improvements in CastleKeeper's structure, which will for sure help in making site bigger, better and much more useful to you.

Castlevania: Lords of Shadow
Collector's Edition

Here are some older and newer news you'll for sure find interesting:

12.08.2010, 00:47 (CET) by Nox_A15 in From the world

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Super Castlevania IV Review by Gaido
Little present for you by CastleKeeper's user - Gaido. You'll find his review of Super Castlevania IV below, now with English subtitles. Enjoy, and don't forget to leave a comment!

15.07.2010, 00:21 (CET) by Nox_A15 in From the world

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A Lot of Gameplay from Lords of Shadow
I'm really sorry I didn't write this news earlier (I was busy lately watching beautiful Polish girls on the beach in Ustka, Poland ;)). Since the beginning of the month you were able to find a lot of new gameplay from Lords of Shadow on YouTube. Game was presented on Gamelab 2010 by Enric Álvarez (director of the project) himself. Below I've listed some links I've founded interesting. Enjoy!

  • Castlevania: Lords of Shadow - new gameplay from Gamelab 2010 - 1, 2, 3, 4
  • Different video, with English subtitles - 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
  • Once again boss fight
  • Demo we know from E3, this time with all cut-scenes, menus and world map (really beautiful, detailed work) - 1, 2

14.07.2010, 23:35 (CET) by Nox_A15 in From the world

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Interview with Koji Igarashi on GT
Koji Igarashi, producer of many great Castlevania games, speaks about his latest one - Castlevania: Harmony of Despair, and share with us his opinion of Castlevania: Lords of Shadow. Enjoy!

23.06.2010, 18:41 (CET) by Nox_A15 in From the world

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