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Konami's Conference on GT
If you haven't had a chance to see Konami's Conference live and don't like the lack of fast-forwarding on company's official E3 site, don't worry then - GameTrailers split the video into parts. You'll find them all here, but the most important one for us - with presentation of Castlevania: Harmony of Despair and Castlevania: Lords of Shadow - I've attached below. Enjoy!

You'll find more videos related to both games below:
20.06.2010, 10:55 (CET) by Nox_A15 in From the world

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Castlevania: Lords of Shadow - E3 2010 Trailer
Uploaded by You can also find there two new videos with gameplay from E3 demo version of the game - here and here. There's also the new site of Lords of Shadow on the Web - check it out!

17.06.2010, 22:15 (CET) by Nox_A15 in From the world

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Press Conference Impressions
Konami's press conference has ended an hour ago. Two Castlevania games - Harmony of Despair (presented by Koji "IGA" Igarashi himself) and Lords of Shadow, had been shown at the very end and without a doubt LoS trailer was the best part of the conference. Other worth mentioning titles are Silent Hill, NeverDead and Metal Gear Solid: Rising, all showed at the end, just before both Castlevanias.

Trailers of Harmony of Despair and Lords of Shadow should soon be available in press packs. For now uploaded new gameplay from the first one:

17.06.2010, 00:50 (CET) by Nox_A15 in From the world

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One More Hour to Go!
Little reminder - Konami's press conference will take place in around one hour! This will be 13:00 PST and 22:00 CET. You'll be able to watch it on Konami's exclusive E3 site. See you there!

EDIT (16.06.2010, 22:23 (CET)):
One more streaming link:
(thank you Kingshango for the link!)

16.06.2010, 21:11 (CET) by Nox_A15 in From the world

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Lords of Shadow Gameplay on
It looks like Konami ordered to delete the Castlevania: Lords of Shadow trailer on YouTube, but don't worry - it's official release will take place on the press conference later today (Wednesday - 13:00 PST, 22:00 CET). For now enjoy some gameplay from the Lords of Shadow E3 demo, published by

You may also be interested in some new materials from Castlevania: Harmony of Despair:

16.06.2010, 12:37 (CET) by Nox_A15 in From the world

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New Screenshots and Renders
In CastleKeeper's Gallery you'll find twenty-four new screenshots and twenty-two new renders from Castlevania: Lords of Shadow. Check it out!

16.06.2010, 05:21 (CET) by Nox_A15 in Updates

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Lords of Shadow New Trailer!
New characters, new places, amazing atmosphere and a lot of awesome action! All of this in the new Castlevania: Lords of Shadow trailer from E3 in Los Angeles! One day before the Konami's Press Conference! "But enough talk!" Enjoy!

EDIT (16.06.2010, 03:45 (CET)):

Below you'll find some gameplay from playable demo on E3. Also don't forget to visit Konami's special E3 site - you'll be able to watch their press conference there soon. For now site has changed "a little" - e.g. you can see there how Konami's booth looks like. Two other photos - here and here.

Thanks go to Kingshango, Peklo and soma555 for posting links to above videos on Chapel's and Dungeon's forums.

16.06.2010, 01:47 (CET) by Nox_A15 in From the world

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Recent Castlevania Related Materials
If you can't wait for Konami's press conference on E3 (Wednesday - 13:00 PST, 22:00 CET) then you for sure will be interested in some recent Castlevania related materials:

13.06.2010, 23:40 (CET) by Nox_A15 in From the world

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Interview with Dave Cox - Part Two
Few days ago published the first part of interview with Dave Cox. Today it's time for last, second part - you'll find it here. I wanted to note down below some most interesting quotes but... I've almost done so with a half of the text. Please enjoy the full version at :)

09.06.2010, 20:30 (CET) by Nox_A15 in From the world

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Konami E3 Website
Konami opened recently the special E3 website, where fans from all over the world will be able to watch their press conference online! There's also a contest with everyday prizes. So this year Castlevania fans finally have their own place at E3! See you there!

08.06.2010, 00:09 (CET) by Nox_A15 in From the world

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